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Central Management
St. Vincent's Centre
Navan Road
Dublin 7
Fax: 01-8385%496


St. Vincent's Centre
Co. Limerick
Phone: 061-501%400
Fax: 061-330%161


North Tipperary / Offaly
St. Anne's Centre
Sean Ross Abbey
Co. Tipperary
Phone: 0505-22%046
Fax: 0505-22%525

Residential Services

Residential services in Limerick include community residential homes as well as campus setting residential homes offering a range of person centred services from independent living, supported community living to specialised residential service for those with individual and high support needs 

St Vincent’s Centre Lisnagry


St. Vincents’ Centre Lisnagry provides both residential and day services on campus as well as community adult respite services. All individuals have a Person Centered plan and this is the model of service delivery provided. All adults have opportunity to attend a day service; some prefer to engage in other activities that they have chosen. Day services are both on campus as well as outreach/community based services and aim to deliver an individual person centred service. There are a small number of children who attend St Vincent’s Primary school and reside in Lissadell Children’s Residential unit. (Read more)

Vinmore House, Cappamore 
Opened in 2011 as a specific local development in response to the needs of the adults living in this community. It accommodates 6-8 people on a part time residential basis. The house is based in the environs in which the adults live and as near as possible to the Day Service in which they attend. The principle underpinning this is that the people are receiving their services as near as possible to their own community. This is very much person centered orientated model. Each individual has their own room, has a say in the running of their house and can continue to participate in local activities such as concerts, shopping and other leisure activities. It is like a home away from home.

Community Residential Services

There are a large number of adult Service Users living with the Community Residential Services availing of services ranging from independent living, providing minimal support of staff according to needs, to fully supporting adults to participate in their community, work & day service environment. (Read more)

The core values that guide us in our mission are Service, Respect, Excellence, Collaboration, Justice and Creativity 
Charity Number CHY 21097