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Children's Services

East Limerick Children’s Services is a partnership between the Daughters of Charity and the HSE and was established in 2005 to provide appropriate assessment / intervention to all children within the East Limerick Catchment area and between the ages Birth – 18 years.

The East Limerick Children’s Services (Child Development Team) was set up for the diagnosis, assessment and ongoing management of any child who may have a disability or developmental problems. Staff work within the principles of ‘early support’ offering a multi-disciplinary assessment of children, with actual or potential developmental difficulties, to determine the nature and extent of a child’s problems. The team then drafts a care plan. Depending on the findings of the assessment, ongoing treatment and management will be offered from within the Child Development Team or by referral to other agencies in response to your child’s needs.

It is crucial to our philosophy that the child’s whole environment is considered, including their gender, language and heritage. Parents/carers knowledge and skills about their child’s strengths and needs are acknowledged in determining the best support for the child and family.

The Child Development Team works as a multi-disciplinary team and is comprised of the following clinical specialism’s Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Psychology, Social Work and Early Intervention Specialist.

Our professional therapists strive to provide services to children in the least restrictive environment thus enabling them to learn new skills and improve the quality of life for them and their families. With our holistic approach, focusing on the whole child, we are better able to provide personalized intervention.

We achieve our mission by keeping up with new developments in the field of assessment / intervention education and using research based techniques to help clients and their families. We strive to help children and their families take the next steps on their journey.

We will endeavour to provide services that reflect our core values continues to be a priority for us as we expand and develop our services. Services are planned, developed and delivered so that they:

• Reflect the individual needs and choices of Clients and their families.

• Support Clients and Families to make a valued contribution and become active members of their community.

• Empower people to make choices about where they work, live and socialise.

• Advocate for the improvement and development of services.

• Are cost-effective and accountable to Clients, families and funding authorities.

For additional information please contact us on the number below or visit our website at

t: 061-60%3400       e: reception@eastlimerick.ie       w:www.mwcds.ie

The core values that guide us in our mission are Service, Respect, Excellence, Collaboration, Justice and Creativity 
Charity Number CHY 21097