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Central Management
St. Vincent's Centre
Navan Road
Dublin 7
Fax: 01-8385%496


St. Vincent's Centre
Co. Limerick
Phone: 061-501%400
Fax: 061-330%161


North Tipperary / Offaly
St. Anne's Centre
Sean Ross Abbey
Co. Tipperary
Phone: 0505-22%046
Fax: 0505-22%525

Day Services

Day services in Dublin are provided in a variety of locations and are both  community, centre & residential based depending on the individual needs of service users.

 ‘My Day My Way’
Moving From  Centre-Based Day Services
Community Hubs

Day Services - Community Hubs

The Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services is committed to working with each person to tailor the programme of supports to their individual needs according to their person-centred plan.
This incudes:

• Meaningful engagement with others in the community
• Having a valued social role
• Having an active lifestyle contributing to good health
• Increased job satisfaction with more autonomy and control

Over the last number of years the Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services has been engaged in a process of reviewing the way Adult Day Services are delivered and reconfiguration of this service is one of the key pillars of the strategic plan 2011-2015. As part of this process a number of community hubs have been developed to support people to access day services supports within their own locality and to use ordinary community facilities. A key part of this change is recognising the importance of socially valued roles and building capacity in community integration. The  HSE’s ‘New Directions Report’ provides a blueprint of how supports should be provided to people using ‘day services’ and  on-going development of community hubs is part of this.

The Next Steps Conference organised by The Federation of Voluntary Bodies was held in the Heritage Hotel Portlaoise on 24th March 2014.

A number of people attending one of the community hubs, their support staff and families participated in the making of a DVD which was shown at the conference. The DVD highlighted the kind of activities they are participating in and the roles they are taking on in their local  community. To view the video or to download it click here.

Training, Enterprise and Employment Services (TEES) Dublin 


TEES is part of Adult Day Services and comprises of six different venues which are located between the Navan Road (Dublin 7) and Blanchardstown (Dublin 15) areas.
A large number of service users avail of services aimed at each individual’s abilities and preferences (read more)

• Tofa

• Weavers

• Pathways

• Clean Sweep

• Achieve

• Supported Employment 



The core values that guide us in our mission are Service, Respect, Excellence, Collaboration, Justice and Creativity 
Charity Number CHY 21097