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Doro HandleEasy 321rc

An easy use remote control, the seven, large buttons can be programmed to control all your in house entertainment equipment, allowing you to change channels or adjust the volume on your TV or radio with the same control.
Easy to press buttons
Easy to understand


Flipper Remote

It's a big button universal remote that works with all major TVs, Cable, and Satellite Set Top boxes. Once set up. Flipper will power on/off both the TV and STB box, the channel buttons will control the STB, and the volume buttons will control your TV speakers..


Mains Control Unit

Mains control units such as the Powerlink enables a user to operate electrical device/equipment independently (requires staff/carer to set up device). For example, a user can take part in a cookery session by using a switch to turn on/off a food mixer.


Doro 319 Memory Plus Corded Telephone

It's simple-to-use, with high contrast, concave keys and low reflective finish to make dialling easy. It has four one-touch photo quick dial buttons and a visible ring indicator..


One Button Digital Roberts radio

A simple retro AM/FM analogue radio you can easily set to a preferred station and volume using the control knobs. Then attach the radio's magnetic front panel. Turn the radio on and off by pressing the button on the top of the radio.



Fix the memo player to a wall using the supplied fixing bracket. Record a memo for playback (up to 20 seconds) switch the movement sensor on, when a person walks into the detection beam the recorded voice message is played back. It can have many uses eg. remind a user "Don't forget to take your key when you go out"


Medication Reminder, Medical Alert, Databank and Watch

The Cadex ® reminds the user with a repeated 'beep' when he or she has to take medication or what he or she has to do at pre-programmed times. The data bank holds valuable information for both the user and emergency services in the event of an adverse medical episode, eg blood group, emergency contact details, doctors details etc. In normal use it works as a watch with time and date.


Touch Screens

Allow direct selection or activation of a computer by touching the screen, making it easier to select an option directly rather than through a mouse movement or keyboard. Touch screens are either built into the computer monitor or can be added onto a computer monitor.



It is a simple communicator, ideal as an introduction to sound recording technology. It's easy to record speech, music or any sound into the BIGmack then simply press the BIGmack to replay.

Talking Photo Album

Used by different users for different reasons, enables the user to have audible information with an accompanying photo or picture.
It can be used as a communication book between home and day service. Can be used as a tool to support a sequence activity recipe for cooking, access emergency contacts and organize appointments


If there is a danger of the bath or kitchen sink overflowing, this plug will let out some of the water. It also changes colour to alert you if the water is too hot.

Switch Adapted Castle Chase

Pressing the switch makes each lift take a kitten up to the top of the castle for an exciting helter skelter slide all the way to the bottom so they can take the lift back to the top again. It's all accompanied by captivating sound effects and lights that twinkle from the turrets.


Switch Adapted Thomas the Tank Engine

It is very simple for the user to control. Two switches are connected to the adapted controller. Pressing one switch or button will make Thomas chug along in a straight line. Pressing the other switch or button makes him reverse in a circle. Thomas chugs along when the switch is pressed but stops when not.

LED Night Light with movement and light sensor

Great for lighting in areas where no mains power is available. Both infrared and photo sensor technology detects motion and lights automatically in the dark. Low power drain LED gives long battery life. Can also
- Turns on when movement is detected in the dark
- Automatically turns off after 1 minute if no movement is detected or if the area is well-lit
- Emits bright and warm light



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