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Types of phone

Landline phone is used in a building like a house or office.

Mobile phone can be used anywhere, they can also send and receive messages and pictures. Some mobile phones let you use the Internet.

Paying for phone calls

Pay monthly You agree to pay the same amount of money each month for a set number of minutes of phone calls, text messages and data (using the Internet).
If you use more than this you will have to pay extra.
Using your phone abroad will also cost extra.
The contract (agreement) can be for 1or 2 years and includes the cost of the phone. You must pay the money every month until the end of the contract.

Pay as you go
You buy a phone and top up (buy more) time for phone calls, you can buy top-ups in local shops. This means you know how much you are spending and can help you check that using your phone does not cost you too much.

Choosing a mobile phone

Some mobile phones are easier for you to phone people or answer calls.
For example, you can save phone numbers of people you know with their name or photograph.
Other phones have big buttons, other work well with hearing aids or are easy to make the sound louder.

How much phone calls cost

It depends on which phone company you use and what calling plan you have. A calling plan says how much different types of phone calls cost.

Choosing a phone, consider the following:

Size – Choose one that is easy to grip

Big buttons - are easier to see, check that they are not too close together. Big buttons make it much easier for anyone with reduced dexterity to locate and press.

Displays - Most phones have a large print setting so the words are bigger and easier to read. An adjustable display can be tailored to the users specific needs.

Sound - for users with hearing problems features such as extra loud ringers, speaker volume controls, vibration alerts and hearing aid compatible models are useful.

Memory - short-cut keys, a single button can be pre-programmed to dial a nominated number.

Battery Life - choose a phone that has good battery performance

SOS Button - often located on the back of the phone, when pressed it sends an alert to pre-programmed contacts so that help can be summonsed.

Voice dialling - You can set up the phone to recognise your voice, then you can call people just by saying their name into the phone.
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