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There are various access methods that can be used to control a computer. When an individual finds it difficult to use a mouse or keyboard, they will require an access device that they can operate and it is positioned so they can access it. Here are a few examples of access devices

Touch Monitor

Most direct method of interaction. Suitable for users who can reach out and touch the screen comfortably The user moves their finger directly on the screen to move the cursor around the screen. A tap on the screen activates the left mouse click function


Povide a direct and simple method of computer access
Switches can be activated by a range of body movements
Choosing the appropriate switch and its correct positioning is a critical success factor

Connecting a switch to a computer

There are wire and wireless switches
A Switch Interface Box plugs into the computer's USB port
The switch interface has small round sockets to plug in the switch
Interface boxes can be set to behave like different keyboard keys or mouse buttons.

Alternative Keyboards

Keyboards in different sizes, shapes and layouts to enable easier operation - Upper or Lower case Bigger keypads Keyguards Rigid plates positioned above the keys to take weight of the hands There are holes above each key for accurate key depression.


Eyegaze enables the user to control the mouse onscreen by using their eyes. Sensors locate the pupil of the users eye and then it uses its movements to move the cursor around the screen.

Alternative Mice


Suitable for users who wish to use a mouse but find it too difficult They have either a roller-ball or joystick type of control Suitable for the computer or laptop Two big buttons behind the trackball act as the left and right mouse buttons

The single button mouse

Users that have problems distinguishing between a left and right mouse click.



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