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Central Management
St. Vincent's Centre
Navan Road
Dublin 7
Fax: 01-8385%496


St. Vincent's Centre
Co. Limerick
Phone: 061-501%400
Fax: 061-330%161


North Tipperary / Offaly
St. Anne's Centre
Sean Ross Abbey
Co. Tipperary
Phone: 0505-22%046
Fax: 0505-22%525

About Us - Ethos & Philosophy

The objective of the Daughters of Charity Disability Support Services is to develop to the fullest the potential of each person with intellectual disability within the Service so that they are enabled to lead as independent and satisfying a life as possible. The Service is motivated by and consistent with the values and traditions of the Daughters of Charity, a society of Apostolic Life within the Catholic Church. It is based on the Christian vision of love
and service in which attention is paid to each person in the reality of their everyday lives.

Human Dignity and Integrity

The Service recognises that each person with intellectual disability is a human being with
sacred and inviolable rights and therefore is treated with profound respect and utmost regard.
Because each person is an inseparable unit of body, mind and spirit, the Service uses an interdisciplinary team approach. Each individual service-user’s spiritual, social, clinical, therapeutic, educational, training and occupational needs are carefully considered.


The Service recognises that for most people their family/guardians is their primary place of belonging and so partnership/involvement with family members is important.  It recognises that when an individual within a family is in need the family members may need support. It endeavours to promote a sense of community so that service users have a sense of belonging.


The Service works towards a vision of an inclusive society where all people, regardless of their level of ability, are welcomed and accepted and have a contribution to make. The Service maintains a function of advocacy with Statutory and Voluntary Agencies, e.g. Department’s of Health, Children, Education and Skills, HSE, other Service Providers, the public and society in general on behalf of people with a disability.


The Service is a Voluntary Body which is funded principally by the relevant Statutory Health Authority. Within broad parameters the Service maintains its own autonomy and freedom to deliver services in a responsible and creative way. In keeping with the philosophy, every effort is made by the Service to keep abreast of new thinking and up-to-date concepts to ensure a quality service is delivered.

Faith-Based Identity

While the Service of the Daughters of Charity reflects the teaching and values of the Catholic Church, persons with intellectual disability of other or no denominations are provided for and their religious beliefs and practices are respected.


All involved with the management of the Service commit to developing and implementing policies consistent with its mission and values. The Service upholds the belief that decisions should be made at the most appropriate level.  The Service acts responsibly as a steward of financial and institutional resources. The Service seeks to create a working environment marked by respect and justice and the responsible promotion of individual skills and potential.


The core values that guide us in our mission are Service, Respect, Excellence, Collaboration, Justice and Creativity 
Charity Number CHY 21097